Montana Digital Organizing Director

Job Title: Digital Organizing Director
Salary: $72,000 per year
Reporting Structure: Reports to the Executive Director
Location: Preference for Helena, Montana, or elsewhere in the state, but remote work may be a
possibility for the right candidate
Job Classification: Full-time, Exempt. This is a temporary position through January 31, 2025. An
extension is possible after this point but is not guaranteed.
This is not an entry-level position.

Position Summary:
Middle Fork Strategies is hiring for the position of Digital Organizing Director to manage a team of
communications and digital organizers in Montana.
The Digital Organizing Director will be responsible for building and continually updating a plan, in
collaboration with the Executive Director, to achieve Middle Fork’s metric and organization-building goals
for the organization’s digital organizing program, a first-of-its-kind organizing effort for the state that will
use new tools and tactics to boost progressive messages and combat online misinformation and
disinformation. Middle Fork’s Montana digital organizing program will be a part of a national initiative in
states across the country.
This position will oversee a successful team of organizers who will identify, recruit, train, and manage
volunteers and trusted community validators across the state for engagement on social media channels.
The Digital Organizing Director will manage the day-to-day work of organizers and assist them in
implementing the overall digital organizing plan to build volunteer teams and spread progressive
messages across online platforms. Through the creation of these volunteer teams, the Digital Organizing
Director will help develop a compelling progressive narrative as well as combat misinformation and
disinformation being spread online.
The program currently includes two organizers, although it is possible this number could increase. Some
organizers may be in remote positions.
The ideal candidate for this position will have experience in field and relational organizing, volunteer
recruitment, and management and should be knowledgeable about social media and digital platforms,
tactics, and strategy.

Primary Areas of Responsibility:

Development and implementation of a state volunteer recruitment plan in Montana and in consultation
and coordination with organizers

● Set quarterly recruitment goals for each organizer and assist organizers in building
week-by-week plans that identify the tactics to be used for identification, recruitment, and
● Work directly with organizers to teach them how to apply field and relational organizing
tactics to motivate volunteers to share content and their own stories across social media
● Assist the Executive Director in the scaling of the program across the state with an eye toward
ensuring realistic volunteer management goals per organizer
● Work with state and national staff, including the national data manager to analyze metrics
around volunteer participation in the program and work with organizers to come up with
tactics and programming that maximize that participation
● Collaborate with other team members to develop strategies and materials that serve
volunteer needs

Management and oversight over a team of digital organizers

● Work directly with organizers to create their specific organizing and recruitment plans
● Working with other senior staff at Middle Fork Strategies to effectively target organizing
efforts and ensure that volunteers being recruited have reach in key communities
● Help organizers troubleshoot organizing challenges and create a ladder of engagement that
turns volunteers into local leaders
● Meet regularly with organizers to ensure that they are implementing their organizing plans
and meeting their organizing goals
● Help Middle Fork staff plan and prioritize messages to be shared with volunteers, to ensure
that organizers and volunteers are able to rapidly respond to breaking news or other
● Develop regular programming and assist organizers in the creation of communications
strategies that foster community between volunteers
● Develop materials that help communicators adopt field organizing strategies and tactics
toward the goals of greater visibility of progressive messages

Set overall goals and metrics of success for identification, recruitment, and engagement of recruited
volunteers with organizers

● Work directly with organizers and national data manager to create organizer-specific metrics
of success for volunteer recruitment and engagement
● Implement a layered confirmation process for volunteers through phone, email, and text
● Meet regularly with organizers to ensure that they are meeting their goals and troubleshoot
ways to meet them if they are not being met
● Set overall goals of the state program in consultation with Middle Fork’s Executive Director
and relevant national staff
● In consultation with the national data manager and others, come up with a regular reporting
mechanism that can communicate program successes in the state to the Executive Director,
national staff, and stakeholders regularly

Work with the senior leadership team to execute the online communication strategy through social
media platforms Twitter (X), Facebook, Threads, Instagram, and YouTube

● Write compelling copy that is relevant, engages supporters, and grows our online presence
● Create and manage several content calendars
● Track and analyze metrics to make data-driven decisions based on results
● Develop rapid response to amplify the program’s overall goals
● Draft social media toolkits for volunteers
● Gather assets at events and post social media updates
● Be on top of new and exciting trends

Work and liaise with National Megaphone team members, including Training Director, National
Organizing Director, Program Director, and Executive Team, to design training materials for organizers
and volunteers

● Help to create new and innovative training materials that translate the best practices of field
organizing into online communications
● Ensure that training materials include both theoretical and practical guidance for organizers
who are taking communications and putting them directly into the hands of volunteers
● Assist in ensuring that training materials give organizers a realistic understanding of the tactics
and tools that are at their disposal
● Assuring that organizers understand how long it takes to meet goals and have a numerically
driven approach to the universe sizes they need to effectively recruit and target, as well as
realistic expectations for how much work is required to achieve goals

Required experience, skills, and competencies:

● 3-5 years of issue advocacy or political campaign experience, ideally a combination of
organizing and digital or communications work
● Broad understanding of field organizing and relational strategies and tactics and the ability to
look at those strategies and tactics through a new lens and adapt them to online
● Demonstrated success in other organizing efforts
● Skilled communicator who can translate organizing concepts and help mentor/assist
organizers in their work
● Has the necessary background in setting and meeting field organizing goals as well as
● Understands how to move a volunteer up a ladder of engagement and can help organizers
develop volunteers into leaders
● An understanding of how personal stories and emotional connections affect public opinion
● Experience working with coalition partners
● Understanding of field analytics and a demonstrated ability to use those analytics to inform

The location for this position is flexible within Montana. Some in-state travel is expected. The salary for
this position is $72,000. Middle Fork offers competitive benefits, including health insurance, matching
contributions to a retirement account, 12 paid holidays per year, and paid vacation.

Timeline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The position’s start date is flexible, but we are
seeking to hire and onboard someone as soon as possible to continue building this program.

To apply: Interested candidates should apply by email to Applications should
include a detailed resume and three professional references.

Middle Fork Strategies is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from all qualified
individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or
expression, age, national origin, marital status, disability, or veteran status.