Founded 2021
Executive Director Anneshia Hardy

Alabama Values Progress is a 501C4 media advocacy organization that deploys narrative and messaging strategies to build equitable power structures and empower communities. We work directly with grassroots organizations and coalitions across the state to hold public officials accountable, create content, and messaging strategies that disrupt the cycle of misinformation, and tear down the frames of disinformation.  Our strategy is to leverage the power of culture, visual stories, messaging, and research to build and share public narratives that amplify pro-democracy voices and values. 

Alabama Values is a 501c3 grassroots communications organization working to raise awareness and increase engagement around community issues in Alabama. We work directly with grassroots civic organizations advocating to build power and break down barriers to civic participation for communities across the state.  Our goal is to provide messaging and communications leadership and infrastructure to organizations and coalitions advocating for pro-democracy policies and values.  Our approach is to develop and launch messaging, digital campaigns, creative content, and media strategies to increase civic engagement, education, and mobilization.