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June 19, 2018
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Poll: Minnesotans Disapprove of Trump’s Performance
Trump’s divisive agenda is causing problems for Minnesota Republicans up and down the ballot 
MINNESOTA – On the eve of President Trump’s visit to Minnesota, Alliance for a Better Minnesota released a poll of 717 Minnesota voters conducted with Public Policy Polling showing that the majority – 52 percent – of Minnesotans disapprove of President Donald Trump’s job performance, versus 43 percent who approve. 
Fifty-four percent of Minnesotans want their member of Congress to stand up to Trump’s agenda and a generic DFL candidate leads a generic Republican candidate for governor by seven points (46% to 39%), showing that Republicans are suffering up and down the ballot.
“Minnesotans have had enough of Donald Trump’s harmful agenda and Republicans like Tim Pawlenty who support him. We won’t stand for their attempts to distract us with fear mongering and divide us against each other so that they can rewrite the rules to give massive tax breaks to the wealthiest and well-connected at our expense,” said Joe Davis, executive director of Alliance for a Better Minnesota. “Minnesotans work together, care for our neighbors, and treat others as we want to be treated. Donald Trump and the Republicans that support him don’t share our values. We deserve elected leaders who will respect our families and join us together across racial differences to make our state better for everyone.”
The poll also revealed that Tim Pawlenty’s political calculation with his support for Trump backfired. Support drops once voters learn that he voted for Trump after calling him unfit to be president, with 48 percent of voters saying that it makes them less likely to vote for him for governor, including 32 percent of Republicans.
The full poll is attached.